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There are many ways you can secure your pool area with walls, glass, paling, and tubular fencing.

To help you narrow down your options, take a look at our guide to tubular pool fencing and why we use it.

What is Tubular Pool Fencing?

Tubular fencing is both lightweight and durable made from galvanised steel and it gets it’s name from its tube-like shape.

Tubular fences can be used around pools, front gardens, businesses, playgrounds and schools.

Advantages of Using Tubular Pool Fencing

Tubular Pool fencing is one of the most popular style of fences used for pools and the benefits are:
• Tubular fences come in a range of styles and colours which can be easily modified to suit your property.
• Tubular fences are a perfect choice for pool areas as they are more cost effective than glass pool fencing.
• It’s very robust and can cope with everything children through at it and is installed according to Australian pool safety standards.
• This attractive fencing option will still allow you to view inside the pool area and keep an eye on the kids.
• Pet resistant and you don’t have to worry about your pets trying to enter the pool area when you’re not at home.
• Steel tubular fences are stronger but not as corrosion resistant as the treated aluminium.

Still weighing up your options? Read on to find out more about this fantastic fencing style.

Our Tubular Pool Fencing Designs

At Kid Safe Pool Fencing, we take pleasure in designing unique fences for our clients, please take a look at some of our pool fencing designs.

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