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07 Dec 2022  /  by Kid Safe Pool Fencing   /   0 Comments

Why Choose Tubular Pool Fencing

There are many ways you can secure your pool area with walls, glass, paling, and tubular fencing. To help you narrow down your options, take a look at our guide to tubular pool fencing and why we use it. What is Tubular Pool Fencing? Tubular fencing is both lightweight and durable made from galvanised steel […]
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26 Oct 2022  /  by Kid Safe Pool Fencing   /   0 Comments

Legal Requirements for Swimming Pool Fences

If you have a swimming pool then it’s crucial to ensure that it is safe. The main questions most people ask are what are the legal requirements in Australia for residential swimming pool fences and do you need to install a pool fence? Having a secure swimming pool fence is the best way to reduce […]
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